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Application period has closed

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Five (5) $1,000.00 scholarships to be awarded by the KGEF for the Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 academic year.

Additional scholarships are awarded by KGA/KACS member companies under the "Piggyback" scholarship program.

Click HERE to learn about the KGEF program philosophy & rules...

Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 Next Steps & Progress:

1. Scholarship online application and supporting documents deadline -  APRIL 1, 2014 - COMPLETED
2. Scholarship applications in review process by out-of-state selection committee
3. Confirmation of recipients eligibility with KGA/KCSA member businesses
4. Notifications to recipients of scholarship awards
5. Notifications to scholarship non-recipients
6. Scholarship checks for one half of award and made out to students selected college mailed to students home address in August for Fall 2014 semester.
7. Scholarship checks for one half of award and made out to students selected college mailed to students home address in December for Spring 2015 semester.

The funds supporting the KGEF Scholarship Program are provided through the generosity of KGA/KACS members. 

Scholarship recipients MUST be affiliated with a KGA/KACS member company in good standing.

Mail Transcripts by April 1st  to:

Kentucky Grocers Education Foundation

Capitol Avenue
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 502-696-9153
Faxed/Email Applications Not Accepted

NOTE: Only COMPLETE & ONTIME applications will be considered for scholarships!


The Kentucky Grocers Association and the Kentucky Association of Convenience Stores have always had a strong interest in supporting education and has established this scholarship program to achieve the objectives listed below:

  • It helps deserving students with college expenses
  • It relieves parents of college expenses
  • Colleges attended by the winners benefit indirectly by receiving the scholarship funds

Scholarship Eligibility
Those eligible to apply are high school seniors, college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who are:

  • Children or grandchildren of full-time employees of firms which are members of KGA/KACS. The employees must have been employed for at least one year as of January 1st of the year in which the scholarships are awarded.
  • Part-time student employees of firms which are members of KGA/KACS. The student employees must have been employed for at least one year as of January 1st of the year in which the scholarships are awarded
  • Scholarship recipients MUST be affiliated with a KGA/KACS member company in good standing - current year member dues MUST be paid.

NOTE: Employees must still be employed by a member firm at the time the scholarships are selected in April.

Scholarship Awards
Two types of one-year scholarships are awarded. For some students, the awards will vary from a $500 Honorary award if there is no financial need to a maximum of $1,000. These awards are based on financial need and academic preformance.

For some students, the awards are flat grants of $500. Winners of both typs of one-year awards may reapply each year if employment requirements are met.

Both types of awards may be used at any accredited college or university in the United States. Recipients may transfer from one college to another and retain the award.

For Employers: Fund Your Own KGEF "Piggyback" Scholarship
The KGEF "Piggyback" scholarship program allows you the ability to fund a college scholarship in the name of your company or a special person in your life and leave all the administration of the selection process to an outside independent judging organization. Click HERE to learn about the "Piggyback" program.

Application Procedure
The application procedure is very simple, yet care must be taken to make sure applications are COMPLETE. Incomplete applications will not be considered for scholarships.  Applications are available as a PDF for download or for printing. You may print the application or save it to your computer. The application contains instructions about the application procedure.

If you have any difficulties obtaining an application through this Website, please call the KGA/KACS office at 502-696-9153 to have an application mailed to you.

Selection of Winners
An impartial Selection Committee composed of educators will choose the winners. In selecting the winners, the committee evaluates the applicants' academic records, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities and recommendations. Applicants compete on an academic basis only without reference to financial need. All applicants are notified of the results of the competition by mid May.

Amount of Awards
The size of the awards is determined by financial need. Financial need is determined through an analysis of a family's financial circumstances. Therefore, the parents of all applicants are asked to submit financial statements to the Program Administrator who will compute the financial need which is the difference between the amount  a student's family can provide and the total educational costs - tuition, fees, books, and room and board for resident students. Commuting students do not have room and board charges.

Payment of Scholarship Funds
Scholarship payments are made in the following way. On or about August 1, scholarship recipients are sent checks for the fall academic term. Checks are made payable to the colleges. For colleges on the semester system, the checks are for one half of the award. For colleges on the quarter system, the checks are for one third of the award.

The second check is sent during the first week of December.

Responsibilities of Recipients
Scholarship recipients must enroll as full-time college students in the fall of the year in which the scholarships are awarded and continue in school for the entire academic year without interruption, barring illness, emergency, or military service.

Only COMPLETED applications will be accepted and forwarded to the selection administrators.

Scholarship recipients are responsible for making certain that their scholarship checks are delivered to their colleges.

Program Administration
To assure complete impartiality in the selection of winners and to preserve the confidentiality of the parents' financial circumstances, the program is administered by Dr. Paul Sands & Associates, a firm that specializes in the administration of scholarship programs.

Click HERE to see the Fall 2013/Spring 2014 KGEF Scholarship Recipients!

Kentucky Grocers Association (KGA)/Kentucky Association of Convenience Stores (KACS)
512 Capitol Avenue, Frankfort, KY 40601, Phone: 502-696-9153, Fax: 502-875-1595 Email:

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