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Three Benefits Of Electronic Alcohol Payments

Posted 04-07-16 - Time is truly money in today's busy world, and Alcohol distribution is no exception. It is fast-paced, competitive, and time is an incredibly precious asset. As this $200 billion industry continues to grow, it is essential to adapt and incorporate new methods of payment into the entire distribution process. Electronic alcohol payment methods are here and they are here to stay. Here are three ways these payment methods are beneficial.

1. Removing In-Store Payments Saves Time
Electronic payment methods are incredibly fast. Once a delivery is confirmed, a retailer payment can be processed almost instantly. In the past, money orders had to be generated at store level while drivers waited. Paying with cash required the retailer to count out large sums of money, the distributor to recount the sum, and finally, for the distributor to deposit it. This process, of course, consumes a lot of time – time that could have been utilized making more deliveries or servicing customers. Electronic payment methods greatly decrease this wasted time and eliminates the time spent waiting at the back door.
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