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Jack Hubbs: Open Book Management

Views from Food for Thought

                       This is the 207th edition of Food for Thought 


 Volume 6  Issue 2        By Jack E. Hubbs      January 22, 2013         



            Open Book Management





      Jack E. Hubs




If you think a business associate or friend would find value in this letter please feel free to forward.


   Jack E. Hubbs



  Supermarket Owner



Regional Retail Chain 






   MBA, BA, AA   



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Jack Stack, President of SRC Holdings is recognized as the "Father of Open-Book Management".


In his book "The Principles of the Great Game of Business"

those principles were described as:


  • Every employee should be given the measures of business and taught to understand them
  • Every employee should be expected and enabled to act on their knowledge to improve performance
  • Every employee should have a direct stake in the company's success or risk of failure


When you think about it what would happen to your business if all of your associates managed their responsibilities with the attitude and skills of an entrepreneur?


Most of us understand through the sports we've watched or participated in that to win you must prepare, understand the game, have a high level of enthusiasm and have a high level of desire to win.  What kind of transformation would your business experience if your team of associates approached their job responsibilities with these same characteristics?


Are you just settling for performance which is simply functional?  Are you tapping into the full value of what your associates could contribute to your businesses success?


One of the steps toward gaining the value of each associate performing as an entrepreneur is to share with them the financial performance of the business at multiple levels.


If your business is a supermarket  share the numbers for the store and  departments.  Where possible measure and share how individual jobs affect the financial performance of the business.  Quantify wherever possible.  Departments should be evaluated as individual profit centers.   


Most importantly develop processes which enable everyone to improve the management of the company.  As Jack Stack said in his book "The Great Game of Business' this process is about running your business in a strategic, forward thinking fashion.  Associates are taught the rules of business, enabled and expected to improve performance based on that knowledge, and given a stake in the outcome, good or bad.  Ideally associates aren't looking to historical information for answers, they are forecasting the future of the business and making it happen