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KGCSA Coupon Processing Program

Why waste valuable time sorting, counting, tallying and tracking multiple coupon shipments and amounts due to your store from manufacturers?

Our KGCSA coupon processing program does all this and you simply receive ONE check or Direct Deposit for ALL your coupons!

Key components of the program include:

  • You receive coupon face value PLUS five cents per coupon.
  • Online access to view coupons currently being processed.
  • Exclusive manufacturer chargeback identification and recovery program.
  • Option to receive your coupon payments via Direct Deposit.
  • Ship as oftern as you like - monthly recommended to help minimize rejected expired coupons.
  • Access to digital coupon redemption services.

  • Fast 35-38 day payment turnaround (slightly longer for first shipment processing) - ship monthly, receive a check monthly.
  • KGCSA membership required for in-state Kentucky retailers. Option to have annual KGCSA membership dues payment deducted from coupon redemption receipts.
  • Out--of-state retailers are welcome to participate without KGCSA membership, but will receive coupon face value only.

Click HERE to download the program application, authorization and ACH Direct Deposit form. You may also call the office call the office at 502-696-9153 and we will mail you the forms.

Be sure to retain your post office/shipper receipt for signature required in order to confirm receipt of ytour coupons. No claims for loss will be honored without proof of delivery to ACS.

You MUST send in signed & completed application and authorization forms BEFORE shipping coupons for processing! You will be notified when approved and provided claim forms and mailing lables.

Do NOT complete & return the "ACH Authorization" form if you do NOT wish to have your coupon payments deposited directly to your bank account.

Questions about the new KGCSA Coupon Processing program? Please give Ted Mason a call at 502-696-9153.

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